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Ever wondered why you should use Aloe Vera Gel on your skin?

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

From cosmetics to health products, Aloe Vera takes centre stage in many areas due to its anti bacterial an anti viral properties.

Aloe Vera plant
Aloe Vera is great for your skin!

What is it?

Aloe vera is a plant that grows in arid climates and is widely distributed in Africa, India, and other arid areas. Aloe vera extracts may be useful in the treatment of wound and burn healing, minor skin infections, Sebaceous cyst, diabetes, and elevated blood lipids in humans.

These positive effects are thought to be due to the presence of compounds such as polysaccharides, mannans, anthraquinones, and lectins. The first known written reports on the nourishing juice of the aloe vera plant reach as far back as 6,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Aloe was regarded as a sacred plant the “blood” of which held the secrets to beauty, health and immortality.

Aloe Vera plant benefits

Aloe Vera is a wonderful moisturiser, helps fight sunburn, fights ageing, helps treat acne and may help in reducing stretch marks.

How to use it?

Aloe Vera may be spread on the skin in the form of a gel or oil. It may be scrapped directly from the plant leaf.

Some people also consume Aloe Vera cubes in their water. This is a popular drink in western countries.

Aloe Vera health benefits

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