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Medical Store Near Me | Gaia Pharmacy

South Goa is known primarily for its beaches. If there were a single word to describe this piece of heaven, it would be- relax! South Goa is enriched with the Portuguese culture.

Ancient churches and construction adorn the region and the beaches, are out of this world.

Gaia Pharmacy started its operations in the Dabolim area, right next to the Goa International Airport. The pharmacy serves thousands of people located in the Vasco Da Gama, Dabolim, Chicalim and Sancoale regions. Many people often reach Gaia Pharmacy when they search for a Medial Store Near Me in South Goa.

Gaia Pharmacy stocks the broadest range of local and international medications, including both branded and generic formulations by the worlds leading producers. Over and above the vast array of medical supplies, the pharmacy stocks everyday grocery and personal care products such as deodorants, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and more.

The pharmacy offers doorstep delivery for those living in the region. During festivals, the Dabolim pharmacy extends exciting offers and discounts to its customers. The pharmacy is also tied up with local medical services, such as Sam's Dental Spa, Dr Parulekar's Clinic, Dabolim and more, offering flat discounts to patients who are referred by these doctors.

A unique thing about Gaia Pharmacy is the constant readiness to help people in the Dabolim community. In case medications are needed on an urgent basis, all one needs to do is call +917775058199.

Gaia Pharmacy is located at G11 Quatro D, near Keshav Smruti School, International Airport Road, Dabolim, Goa.

Another exciting USP that the pharmacy has is the ability to accept and fulfil prescriptions through Facebook and the website. On Facebook, all you have to do is send your medical prescription to the Facebook page while on the​ ​site​, you need to upload it with your name and number.

Be sure to visit Dabolim's Gaia Pharmacy today!

gaia pharmacy in dabolim

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