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How not to catch a cold this winter

Winter is here, and with the cold is the spread of germs and diseases. During the winter, you are at highest risk of contracting colds, and even other flu’s and diseases, and its important that you take the steps to avoid this, by taking necessary precautions like:

1. Teach good sneezing and coughing habits: Colds and coughs are spread through bacteria, try not to be in close contact with someone who is sick, and ask them to use a cloth or cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.

2. Wash your hands often: Your hands are home to hundreds of bacteria, make sure you wash them regularly to avoid getting a cold as well as spreading one. You can use a hand sanitiser regularly too.

3. Make sure you eat healthy: Eat a proper diet, and try to avoid outside food in order to not get a cold. It's important you eat lots of green vegetables and get enough Vitamin D.Drink lots of water:

4. Make sure you get enough water, and stay hydrated to avoid any problems.

5. Keep Exercising - Keep excercising every day to make sure your body stays healthy. It can not just prevent a cold but can also keep inflammation at bay.

This winter, it is important that you take the steps necessary to prevent a cold and stay healthy. To avail essentials like hand sanitiser and mouthwash, visit our website:

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