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Veenat is a generic drug that contains exactly the same active ingredients as Glivec.


This drug is an anti-cancer drug given to patients suffering from gastrointestinal tumors and leukemia.

The drug is also used to slow the spread of cancer in the body, and does so by binding the active substance to the tyrosine protein.


It is now recognized as one of the most effective drugs for leukemia and other types of skin cancer. It belongs to the new generation of drugs suitable for certain types of cancer and has minimal side effects.


For those suffering from various health problems who wish to take the medicine, it is recommended that you consult your physician to see if it is appropriate.


Veenat is manufactured by Natco Pharma, one of the world's most recognized pharmaceutical companies.

The company, established in 1981, specializes in the research and development of drugs that provide therapeutic solutions to various medical problems.


The company has five manufacturing facilities in India as well as modern and innovative research laboratories, and has approved FDA drugs. It is one of the leading competitors in Teva, which markets drugs throughout the developed world, including the European Union, and has a branch in Canada.


  • Contents

    The 100 mg comes in a pack of 12 strips, each with 10 tablets (total 120 tablets).

    The 400 mg comes in a package of 3 strips, each with 10 tablets (total of 30 tablets).

  • Active Ingredient

    Imatinib Mesylate

  • Brand Name


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