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If you have chronic (lasting a long time) Hep C, your healthcare provider will decide what treatment is right for you, often based on:

  • Your Hep C genotype
  • What prior treatment you have had, if any
  • The health of your liver
  • Other conditions you may have
  • Whether you have ever had hepatitis B virus infection


Daklinza (60 mg) plus sofosbuvir (with or without ribavirin)* combination therapy is an all-oral treatment.

These treatments may cure your chronic Hep C genotype 1 or 3, even if you have been unsuccessful in treating your Hep C before.

However, Daklinza may not work as well in some patients with cirrhosis (in clinical trials, the cure rate was lower)


*Based on the health of your liver, your healthcare provider may add ribavirin to your treatment.

  • Contents

    Contains 28 Tablets. 


  • Active Ingredient


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